PhD Graduates from the Department

  1. Dr. Bal Krishna Bal
    Research Topic: Analyzing opinions and argumentation in news editorials and opinionated texts: Building Resources and techniques for a computational model.
    Supervisors: Prof. Patrick A.V. Hall, Prof.Patrick Saint-Dizier
    Graduated year: 2015

  2. Dr. Purusottam Kharel
    Research Topic: E-Government in Developing Countries: Problem and Prospects in the context of Nepal.
    Supervisors: Prof. Patrick A.V. Hall, Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya.
    Graduated Year: 2016

  3. Dr. Pranita Upadhyaya
    Research Topic: An Empirical Study of E-Government Security implementation in developing countries: A Case Study of Nepal.
    Supervisors: Prof. Dr.Subarna Shakya, Dr. Manish Pokharel
    Graduated Year: 2017

  4. Dr. Sushil Shrestha
    Research Topic: Online Learning System
    Supervisor: Prof.Dr. Manish Pokharel 
    Graduated Year: 2021

  5. Dr. Sameer Kharel
    Research Topic: Exploration of Novel Usability Methodologies for Transcending the Gap between Apps and the Web for Same Service Delivery in Different Media
    Supervisors: Dr. Mikael Fernström, Dr. Bal Krishna Bal
    Graduated Year: 2021

Current PhD Candidate

  1.  Santosh Khanal
    Research Topic: Integrating Clinical Information for Predictive Analysis
    Supervisor: Dr. Rabindra Bista
    Start Date: 26 March, 2019

  2. Ganesh Gautam
    Research Topic: Infrastructure Analysis and IOT Framework Development for Smart City Nepal
    Supervisor: Dr. Gajendra Sharma
    Start Date: 22 May, 2018

  3. Pankaj Raj Dawadi
    Research Topic: Performance Measurement using Machine Learning Approach: A Perspective From Smart Transportation
    Supervisors: Prof.Dr. Manish Pokharel, Dr. Bal Krishna Bal
    Start Date: 22 May, 2018

  4. Hari Prashad Aryal
    Research Topic: Leveraging Big Data for Disaster Management
    Supervisor: Dr. Gajendra Sharma
    Start Date: 2 Jan, 2022

  5. Manish Joshi 
    Research Topic: AI for climate change
    Supervisor: Prof.Dr. Manish Pokharel
    Start Date: 2 Jan, 2022

  6. Nawaraj Paudel
    Research Topic: Optimizing Database Queries Using Genetic Algorithms
    Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Manish Pokharel
    Start Date: 24 Jan, 2022

  7. Rupak Raj Ghimire
    Research Topic: Automatic speech Recognition for Nepali Using Deep Learning
    Supervisor: Dr. Bal Krishna Bal
    Co-Supervisor: Dr. Prakash Poudyal
    Start Date: 2 Jan, 2022

  8. Sushil Nepal
    Research Topic: Building an Optimal Model for Intrusion Detection System to Protect Educational IT Infrastructure
    Supervisors: Dr. Bal Krishna Bal, Dr. Rabindra Bista
    Start Date: 24 Jan, 2022